Our commitment to the environment


We continue to bet on clean and sustainable energies


We are located in a natural environment protected by two Natural Parks: Grazalema and Los Alcornocales. Our responsible commitment to ecology and the environment is unquestionable and we want to make our guests participate in sustainable tourism.


With the aim of reducing emissions and discharges and making our accommodation more sustainable, for some years now, Hotel Del Carmen has been committed to clean and renewable energies.

In 2010 we installed solar panels that represented considerable energy savings in the domestic hot water system.

In 2018 we changed the diesel vehicle to one with an ECO-rated hybrid engine (electric and gasoline). Which results in less pollution on our trips.

We also take into account the waste that we dump into the network and for this we have installed a water ozonator that has allowed us to reduce the use of chemical products in washing and cleaning rooms by 80%.

We have progressively changed all conventional luminaires to LED lamps, with less consumption. Now it is the turn of photovoltaic energy. With the installation of a battery of plates that generate a power of 16.5 Kw we will reduce the consumption of electricity with the consequent economic savings and ecological benefits. In the province of Cádiz we enjoy more than 3,300 hours of sunshine a year that generate an irradiation of 6 kWh / m2 per day. If we take advantage of this gift of nature we will make a cleaner world.

Of course, solid waste recycling has always been in our DNA and we try to infect our guests to help us meet these sustainability goals.

"Humanity is not possible if we do not change our relationship with Mother Nature" Rigoberta Menchú.