After the Christian reconquest of the last Moorish stronghold on the peninsula, which was the kingdom of Granada, commemorative festivals are held in different areas of the peninsula, consisting of recreating the Christian victories over the Moorish armies.

These festivals are deeply rooted in Valencia, Murcia and, above all, in various locations in Alicante, with very colorful staging. The case of Benamahoma is unique given the size of the population, less than 1000 inhabitants, and its geographical location, western Andalusia, very far from the Levant and other localities with tradition in these Moors and Christians festivals.

If we add the natural environment that surrounds it and the time of year in which it is celebrated, the result is an unparalleled party and one of the most deeply rooted summer events of the White Villages.

The first weekend of August the Moors and Christians festivities are celebrated in honor of Saint Anthony of Padua, in which fights for the Saint take place between the Moorish and Christian formations with a lot of noise of gunpowder. There is also release of heifers and popular Verbena. The town is decorated and receives the visit of outsiders who will feel like countrymen when they are received by the kindness and character of our neighbors.

In addition, since January 2019, these festivals have been declared of Tourist Interest in Andalusia, a recognition that will undoubtedly make them more relevant and known among Andalusian festivals and traditions.

If you want more information about this festival you can visit the website of the Association of Moors and Christians of Benamahoma